We are pleased to announce that Memory Bloom are in this month’s Your Cat magazine as a featured product. Take a look at the article!

Your Cat Magazine

This new Memory Bloom memorial kit provides the perfect way of remembering an animal and dealing with grief. The kit contains biodegradable containers, compost, and seeds, as well as a special story book and little notes and markers so you can personalise your memorial. The idea is that some of a pet’s ashes, or a small memento such as a name tag or collar, can be placed into the compost along with the seeds. It should be kept indoors until green shoots start to emerge, and then planted outdoors, where the container will degrade and flowers will bloom each year from spring to late autumn. This lovely product, which makes a thoughtful gift for a grieving pet owner, costs £28.95 and is available from www.memorybloom.co.uk or by calling 01790 754670.