Memory Bloom have been featured in the Pet Business World news with an article about our Pet Memorials.

Log Owner Brings Out Pet Memorial Kit

Memory Bloom has put together a flowering memorial kit to mark the death of a pet, containing various items for holding a ceremony.

The kit includes biodegradable containers and compost and seeds, as well as a storybook, notes and markers to personalise the memorial. The pet’s ashes or a small memento can be placed in the compost along with the seeds to provide a focal point for remembrance, which includes a mix of insect and bee-friendly wildflowers.

Johanna Buitelaar, the company’s founder and owner, came up with the idea after losing her Jack Russell, Grooby, as a teenager. The idea became reality more recently as Johanna’s own family pet was getting older and she realised that sooner or later she would have to explain to her young children that Jasper was no longer with them.

Memory Bloom recognises the impact that a pet’s death can have on a family.

Johanna said: “by reading the storybook and planting the seeds, a sense of closure can be achieved and the loss can be eased by giving a treasured pet a send-off.”

Memory Bloom is available with freestanding display units and retails at £28.95.