Pet loss is a difficult thing to deal with, especially since many of us love our pets as much as the humans that are closest to us in life. When they pass on, they leave a hole in our hearts and a feeling of emptiness in our lives. Many people forget the impact the death of a pet can have on someone, and if you know someone who has recently lost a beloved companion, it is important to show you care. There are a few ways you can help someone and show them that you care when they have lost their pet, and they are listed here.

Be There

The first thing is simple, and perhaps the most obvious. Just being there for your friend to talk to when they need someone is incredibly helpful. Be their shoulder to cry on when they are hurting most, and offer help in any way you can. Consider inviting them over, or visiting their home, for a cup of tea or a light lunch. This gives your friend some time to express their grief, but also allows them to take their mind off things and be social.

Express Your Condolences

Tell them that you are sorry for their loss. This means a lot more to people than you might think. When a person dies, it is commonplace to express this, but people often forget to do so when it is a pet who has moved on. Letting someone know you are sorry for their loss means that they know you are there for them. You could also consider sending them a card and flowers as a gesture of sorrow and thought.

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Make a Donation

It is possible to make donations to animal charities and organisations in the name of a beloved pet. This is especially thoughtful if they died due to medical conditions or illness. If you make a donation in the name of the passed pet, the organisation or charity will send the owners a memorial card to commemorate the donation.

Remember the Siblings

If the pet left behind siblings, especially in the case of dogs, do not forget them. Schedule regular playdates with your dogs or pets so that they can continue to socialise – even when their pet parents are not feeling the desire to get out and walk. Help them where you can, even if that means taking their other dog out with yours for a few days.

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Purchase a Thoughtful Gift

You can buy little pins and trinkets online that have sweet quotes about pets who have passed on them. This can be a lovely, and thoughtful, present to get someone who has recently lost their companion. Alternatively, it is also possible to buy pet loss hampers. These are filled with sweet treats, as well as touching mementoes. Another ideal gift, if they do not already have one, is a Memory Bloom. Planting a Memory Bloom can help your friend and their family to deal with their grief.

Losing a pet is never easy. In fact, it is one of the hardest things that pet owners will ever have to experience. However, the support of friends and family can make the process so much easier to go through. Make sure you follow this guide and that you are there for your pet parent friends who have recently lost their best friend.